It’s time to BLOOM!

I really had a hard time, working on designing my logo. I think I’ve changed it three times already. I kept on seeing the imperfection of the design. Maybe I should change this? This doesn’t look right! And it went on for a while (would drive an artist crazy). The last one I designed, which is the one I have now, I truly love it! Not because it’s ‘perfect’ but seeing the imperfection of it and truly embracing the beauty of it all. It got me thinking of ‘life’ itself. Sometimes we want our life to be perfect, and we keep on seeing what we’re not and what we don’t have and getting discouraged of it all. But I want to share with you today…. Your imperfection is what makes YOU! Beautiful and Unique!

As you have heard the saying before “life is a journey” I’m always looking to improve myself in every area of my life. Now there’s a difference in wanting to grow, learn and being a student of life. But when you have given it all ….stop, pause, breath… and move forward!


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My Visit To A Lavender Farm

I finally got to visit a Lavender Farm this summer! A friend of mine, told me about her experience visiting one in the States and how she loved every moment of it. So we talked about visiting one close to us before summer ended. And that’s exactly what we did. The day was gorgeous! We drove north with the car windows down feeling the cool hot breeze, while we enjoyed the  beautiful farm landscapes.

The owner was a sweet lady that took us on her golf cart through her property. Rows filled the land where she stopped several times to pick up various French & British lavenders, and explained the difference of each one of them.

At the end of the tour, I found myself at a small store where everything from honey, soap, lotion, body oil and much more were made with the sweet fragrance of lavender. We even tasted coconut and chocolate samples with lavender. YUM!!!

We took it all in!! Love Lavender

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Be Brave!

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Being brave when you don’t feel like it!

I have this magnet on my fridge that says

“Be a Risk Taker!” and with it a Bible verse from Joshua 1:9 “Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Feelings are part of being human, but when it overrules your decisions it’s time to step back and not give in.

Comparison the deadly pill

Comparison the deadly pill!

The uniqueness of our beauty is put to death when we compare ourselves to another. Our fingerprints and DNA cries out to be different, each one is valued and created marvelously. When we realize this, then the process begins of unwrapping our God given gifts, talents and vision.

I think every time we ignore our self identity and try to copy someone else we lose something precious and the world, our community of influence have lost a special contribution only you and I can give.

Comparison the deadly kill! Strong words I know. But we need to recognize who we are and ‘whose’ we are. God masterfully designed our complex being only to find what our soul was thirsting all this time. A connection with the creator, only then you will know yourself and the worth to be someone else will soon disappear like the morning fog that comes and goes ever so quickly.

Let’s take a risk of stepping out and being true to ourselves and from that truth we can truly inspire others to do the same.

no work, no school

SATURDAY, all is well! Looking outside my window and seeing no sun but a soft morning light enough to wake me up and keep me going.  First time since I have no events to cover or get ready for school next week – it feels sweet!  But since our professor found it  nice to give us a research assignment during the break, it looks like i’ll be heading to the library soon.  Tim Hortons breakfast and ready to face my communication plan assignment.

Hope you too have a sweet weekend, a time to relax and be with your love once

p.s Santa forgot to get me a dog, again this year :/ geeze!!

the day after Christmas

Sipping on my second cup of coffee, can hear the football matches in the background, I took a break from paperwork.  The neighbourhood is quiet today as we had a mild Christmas, strong winds, but no snow.  Have you been in that place where you have so much to write but when you come down to it, those thoughts disappear like the morning fog.

Boxing day, and all is well! I don’t like the rush, traffic, or shopping so all is well relaxing at home and enjoying the peace and quiet.  🙂

Dec. 25th

TODAY, I am thankful.

I am thankful for family, a place that I can call home, delicious food, work, school, freedom to go outside whenever I want, and the celebration of Christmas. Simple things in life can be taken for granted, it’s only when its taken from us, is when we realize how much we had but I pray that my eyes will be open to the beauty that surrounds me everyday.