cultivating a heart of contentment

A heart of being content of where you are and what you have is sometimes more difficult than we think. We’re always in a desperate need of something more, wanting more and we will be better off if we just have what we need. This can and will lead to great frustration, and sadness. Why is it that we look towards of wanting our life to look and feel like a nicely wrapped gift, when our life is sometimes far from it. This has been a tug of war within the hearts of many people. Being still is so difficult than keeping ourselves busy.

From my heart to yours, enjoy this time in your life. Stop wanting more and be content in where you are in your life’s journey. Please do not get me wrong, I am that type of person that looks and seeks out change, but this got me thinking of why sometimes I am so mad, angry and frustrated with my life in where I am and where I should be in life. Life is a journey not the destination, a phrase we’ve heard far too often but so much truth to it. Let our heart be in peace, let our mind take rest, let’s be content with our personal journey. We are created for change and need to challenge ourselves for growth, but take this time and be okay of where you are and be at peace my friend. Be content and take courage.





It’s Saturday and it’s raining in Durham. This summer was beautiful, tons of changes in my personal life. Some good and some bad! As the summer weather slowly changes, we too need to adapt to life’s changes. Have you ever heard the quote ‘if you want to change then stop doing the same thing over and over’. Our thought life is the same, days, months, and even years passes by and we tend to think and do the same thing but wanting something totally different. Well i’m slowly coming to realize, we can’t change anyone or even situations but we can totally change ourselves. I love summer, especially the longer days of light but I can’t wait for Fall. It’s my favourite season and i’m blessed to live in a country that has four seasons every year. As I sit back and watch the rain fall, i’m excited to see the weather slowly changing but mostly seeing myself change, the way I think and believing to move forward. I want to get back into blogging and i’m glad this random thought I got to put up here. Here’s to cooler days and changing of season. Are you ready 🙂 Good bye summer and hello Autumn.

My 12 day Coffee Detox

My 12 day coffee detox

I would lie if I said it was easy as pie but I was surprised to stick to the plan and didn’t die!! My 10 days without coffee turned out to be 12 days (surprised myself). The first and second day, ok the third day was probably the hardest. I only got a headache once in which I took two advil tablets. During this time thoughts kept on saying “are you crazy, what are you doing without coffee” or “this is a stupid plan” or “just give in to one cup of coffee, no big deal”. The hardest part was trying to fight off my own thoughts…. Do you have days like that!! Well I sure did.

You may ask “why would you do something like this” well I thought I really won’t be able to do without coffee and wanted to challenge myself. Not to sound too spiritual but I did ask God to please help me. In my weakest craving, He came through.

During this time I was talking to a friend that quit smoking for almost 3 to 4 years. But she mentioned she still had cravings, so I asked her, “how do you resist the cravings, what do you do or say to yourself ?”. She laughed and said “ well I realize the craving is for only few seconds and then it leaves. If you can resist that few seconds and distract yourself of doing something else your good to go”. So I applied this plan to my ‘coffee detox’ and yes, it did work. Also I’m used to drinking my coffee early in the morning so during this time I drank hot water, kinda tricking the body of the warmth liquid. And drinking water as soon as you wake up, is a very good and healthy habit. (its a keeper) 😉

What about you, have you tried a challenge in the past or maybe you’re doing one right now? Would love to hear about it!!

Cheers 😀

Sunday March 20th

Taking the first step of change is always the hardest but it must be done. It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon, a bit cooler but the sun is keeping everyone happy and warm. My new venture with health, fitness and motivation. I got hired as a Circuit Coach at a gym in which I’m loving and learning every single day. Leaning about the major muscles in our body and what each machine does, some names such as pectoral, rhomboid, trapezius, latissimus dorsi, tensor fasciae latae and much more. I’m a visual learner so I got the images printed and laminated them to help me retain the information. Almost three weeks into this position, I’ve build great friendships with the members and started to remember their names. As the oldest child, I have that natural ability to coach and have an ear to hear what my members are saying with their words and actions. I truly believe this is a God connection and I’m looking forward to being part of something bigger than what I know right now. Till then stay strong, and stay motivated.Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 12.44.06 PM

Shop open on etsy!

Hello my darling,

This year I’ve been busy creating and designing new art work and I finally opened shop on etsy!!!

This is an exciting venture for me as I love, love, LOVE stationery!!! (kinda addicted to it).

I’ve also been working and practising my lettering, calligraphy and design work and seeing how I can incorporate my artist flare into my creative process with my clients and on my personal projects. If you have time please check out my shop and I also encourage you to support your local artist. (THEY TRUELY PUT HEART INTO THERE WORK).

I’ve designed NEW wall decor/wall art with black & gold ink (and sometimes with sparkling stones 😉 it’s so much fun.

Some sample of my artwork (I hope you like them) Cheers!!

etsy shop name: BLOOMartist