cultivating a heart of contentment

A heart of being content of where you are and what you have is sometimes more difficult than we think. We’re always in a desperate need of something more, wanting more and we will be better off if we just have what we need. This can and will lead to great frustration, and sadness. Why is it that we look towards of wanting our life to look and feel like a nicely wrapped gift, when our life is sometimes far from it. This has been a tug of war within the hearts of many people. Being still is so difficult than keeping ourselves busy.

From my heart to yours, enjoy this time in your life. Stop wanting more and be content in where you are in your life’s journey. Please do not get me wrong, I am that type of person that looks and seeks out change, but this got me thinking of why sometimes I am so mad, angry and frustrated with my life in where I am and where I should be in life. Life is a journey not the destination, a phrase we’ve heard far too often but so much truth to it. Let our heart be in peace, let our mind take rest, let’s be content with our personal journey. We are created for change and need to challenge ourselves for growth, but take this time and be okay of where you are and be at peace my friend. Be content and take courage.




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