It’s Saturday and it’s raining in Durham. This summer was beautiful, tons of changes in my personal life. Some good and some bad! As the summer weather slowly changes, we too need to adapt to life’s changes. Have you ever heard the quote ‘if you want to change then stop doing the same thing over and over’. Our thought life is the same, days, months, and even years passes by and we tend to think and do the same thing but wanting something totally different. Well i’m slowly coming to realize, we can’t change anyone or even situations but we can totally change ourselves. I love summer, especially the longer days of light but I can’t wait for Fall. It’s my favourite season and i’m blessed to live in a country that has four seasons every year. As I sit back and watch the rain fall, i’m excited to see the weather slowly changing but mostly seeing myself change, the way I think and believing to move forward. I want to get back into blogging and i’m glad this random thought I got to put up here. Here’s to cooler days and changing of season. Are you ready 🙂 Good bye summer and hello Autumn.


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