Fear not!

Tonight as I was journaling the old fashion way (paper & pen) and then all of a sudden I knew I was writing down things from my heart – I hope you can be encouraged and move forward to greater things .  I calling this piece ‘fear not’

I’ve been living a life of fear

fear of the unknown

fear of tomorrow

fear of missing the mark

fear of rejection

fear of success

fear of being judged

fear of being ignored

fear of being alone

fear of love

fear of hate

fear of being compared

fear of … who know’s what else

Fear is a spirit, that takes the pleasure of crippling a person to move forward

But it’s too late for you now fear…. i’ve looked you in the face.  You have no grasp on me now.  I’ve taken that leap, I’m shouting from the mountain top, and running towards perfect LOVE, power and sound mind.

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