Active Listening – Communication

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Listening is communication. The skill of listening is an art form that can impact on your job effectiveness, and on the quality of your relationship with others.

At this day of age, we have overload of information coming to us from every direction.  Some ways we can be active listeners. Here are some pointers to think about;

Pay attention – giving the other person undivided attention, have eye contact, don’t be in a rush to ask the next question but listen!

Body language – try to nod occasionally, smile, and show it through your posture

Provide feedback – when they have done talking try to reflect what has been said, ask questions, and maybe even summarize what you heard they said

Communication said to be 90% body language, 50% tone of voice and 10%-15% what has been said, that’s why listening is crucial and a skill that can be developed over time and practice

4 thoughts on “Active Listening – Communication

  1. How much of the world’s problems would dissolve if we could practice this active listening with each other?! I remember hearing that what you say is less than 10% of the whole message… (did you mean to write 30% for Body Language?). Thanks for the thoughtful post!

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