summer canoe trip 2014

Picture 16

The canoe trip at the beautiful Algoniquin Park was a highlight of my summer. The group consisted of 14 people. We journeyed by driving around 3 hours North to our outfitters. When we finally reach to our destination we packed our personal belongings to large waterproof bags that was usually shared by 2 people, foodbags that weight around 140lbs (which I carried and fell flat on my back … more to that story) and equipment bag that had all our tents, sleeping bags..etc. 

Apparently I was chosen with my canoe partner to scout the area to find the best place for the team to camp the nights. The first step onto a canoe and paddling into the beautiful lake felt amazing. Finally felt it was summer with its bright sunlight, fresh air and all things beautiful with nature. 

Being in the wilderness with great friends was amazing! The first night sleeping in the tent, my body was sore, cold and felt had pain all over my body through canoeing, portage and trying to carry a bag that weight a ton! But surprisingly my body adapted its routine and felt alive and well the second night of our trip.

The beauty, serenity and the stillness of the lake and nature was breathtaking, its something you stare and ponder of how beautiful our planet is and how still so many things to be discovered.

Summer is slowly ending but the experience and memories will last, looking forward for more canoe adventures in the near future


One thought on “summer canoe trip 2014

  1. Veronica, YES! Your memories will last for sometime…Just as well that you are writing down the details as those are what you will forget…believe me….I wish I had written more especially the details for the why..the how..and who with..because you will forget those minor details…So glad that you got to do that .. I have wonderful memories, plus many pictures taken to remind me..of my camping trips in Israel. Sleeping under the stars…all together side by side…..One other girl and myself wanted more privacy, so we bunked down nearer the sea amongst the rushes and mosquitoes..where the lights of the nearby road and traffic sounds could not be heard so much. Sure was glad when morning arrived.. Would have been glad of the privacy of a tent!! Usually one can trust that it will not rain…but on the 3rd day it did..we were all glad to be going back home to our own softer beds….”Trumpet of Salvation” whom I was Volunteering with In Israel, take their volunteers on regular trips to not only see the country..but to share the gospel along the way…Every day, except on Shabbat, we were out on the streets sharing and talking with everyone, whom we could manage to get their attention. I would enjoy going into the shops and speaking with the store Managers, of course I had to wait while others were bing served. I would often go back week after week. I built up friendships and they would listen more to me that way…. So.. when are we going to Skype? It is not a nice day today.., with the rain pouring down..but it makes one feel cosy as I am writing this from my bed.. Must get up though as I need to go to the market and get some vegetables.. Have a wonderful week ahead. Lots of Love Elizabeth.

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