A crazy idea that  became a reality! Well let me tell you the story. Once a upon a time.. ok well not like that! One day I saw an ad that Dove was casting for a commercial. Of course not really thinking too much of it I picked a fun, creative picture of myself and filled out few questions and pressed sent. Surprisingly I was asked to come in for an interview for an interview screening! This was legit right! I said to myself! Looked into it further more and yes it was really happening. After the interview I got an email followed by a phone call that I was one of the 50 ladies selected out of 4000 applicants across Canada!! Was this really happening…

The experience was surreal and tons of fun! And to top it off I got paid as an actual model/actor… which was the icing on the cake.

I met friendly and passionate individuals that really made it very special and comfortable for me to be in front of the camera.

Here’s some candid images I got to snap … enjoy


dove dove1

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