the empty nest

Now all I see is an empty nest. Almost a month ago the night light outside the door was occupied by two lovely love birds and soon after two adorable baby love birds captured my attention and heart. As the days passed these infant creatures matured rapidly maybe too fast for my liking but what a joy to see the development stages. I was thrilled! overjoyed! and yes even blessed to had the experience watching, talking and loving on these beautiful family from a distance. But now when I open the front door all I see is an empty nest filled with wonder, joy, sadness and even hopeful. Funny enough this year i’ve seen an increase of love birds which is fine by me, more the merrier!!

Picture 4

Picture 6 Picture 7 Picture 10


2 thoughts on “the empty nest

  1. Dear Veronica, What a treat and a Blessing to be able watch the birds. When I was in Israel I had Turtle Dove birds nesting in our laundry on top of the water/heater tank. I could see them while in the kitchen through the glass and was able to see the building of the nest the Father and Mother taking turns on sitting on the eggs and then to see both parents taking turns on feeding them. I have the pictures in my album but not electronically, so can’t send… Anyway, it is good to have those lovely memories….Thank you for sharing..Blessings, Elizabeth.

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