Finding your ‘Voice’ on paper

Picture 6 Finding Your Voice on Paper!

Everyone has a style of writing and capturing the reader.  Finding your own unique style, technique or your rhythm to this madness LOL of writing (that is)

Of course it doesn’t come easily…time and time again it comes with practice. (right?)

Writing for a local newspaper for almost for one year made me change the way I put words on paper. What I’ve learned in school and even on my personal blog… well throw that out the door, ok fine there were few pointers to take into consideration. Staring at a blank screen or paper can make a person go crazy with frustration

It all comes down to this K.I.S.S.  :))

Keep it Simple!

Practice & Practice!

Be conscious what you’re writing & read it out loud (I was told it helps)

The truth be told i’m still in search of my ‘Voice’ (on paper) the style I would like to call my own with interest, power & passion and of course must add some fun to the process, be teachable and be an avid reader (who knows you might come across a writer that you can relate to)

Let your ‘Voice’ be heard & known 🙂



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