Does Time Heal?

Recently I got a bruise on my arm and before it became better it turned purple and blue and kinda of a showcase for my close friends and family. Some accidents leave a scare or a visible mark never to leave which becomes a quick reminder of the incident and even a start up conversation with strangers.

But I would like to share and talk about emotional healing. Does TIME really heal a broken heart?!! I wish I can confidently say a Big YES! but time is not THEE CURE. When you don’t face up to the fact of your hurting emotions of what is going on inside your heart, its like sweeping the dirt under the mat and once in a awhile you trip on it, its always going to be there.  I am talking about your hurts, disappointments, mistrust, bitterness, anger… If you’re still reading this.. please allow me to share that Emotional Healing is possible. These extra ‘baggages’ can and should be thrown out .. per say!

Face It!

Deal With It!

Talk It Out!

Be Real & Transparent!


Be Angry!

Face The Ugly Truth!

like my healing arm it became worst before it started to look ‘normal’ & to heal

I needed God’s Great Grace and Strength with the support of family and friends. If going through a bruised or broken heart, one should never walk this season alone, if you’re in any doubt cry out to God! He is Real and He Perfects the broken heart and mends it with a brand new one.

A little test to see if you have forgiven the person that has hurt you is when you see or come in contact with that individual do you cringe? does your stomach turn? then there’s still a bit of ‘residue’ that needs to be dealt with.

One thing we must never do is to try and move forward in life when its not dealt with! Do not ignore or sweep it under the mat. Our responsibility is with our own emotions and actions, we don’t have control of what the other person choose to do or not to do. Choosing to go through the pain and deal with it will cause this ugly face not to creep up in an year or twenty years from now also another huge thing if its not dealt with other relationships and friendships can be damaged and hurtful because it will be filtered through these pain

Life is too precious to walk this journey with a broken heart! There is Hope.


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