Autumn is a beautiful season that I secretly look forward too, seeing the trees turn color and the hot air become cooler and much tolerable for breathing Lol I know this season comes around yearly but for some odd reason I get excited like a kid as if experiencing this the first time. Recently I helped a friend out with her photoshoot for her upcoming business and had a blast shooting the images, even though the leafs haven’t fully turned into various colour the cool air sure made us believe Fall was here to stay for awhile.

 I wish I could take my camera and walk through a wooded forest and take in the natural transformation of nature and its surroundings but in reality I would need to be more experience in my journey and would love to do with friends or family.

 Autumn is beautiful and no its not only because my birthday falls during this time even though I am glad it does so I can celebrate it with my favorite time of the year!

 If its autumn where you reside I hope you get to enjoy the simple surroundings that nature has to offer… Cheers!

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