First Time Portaging

Portage / Camping

First time portaging with few of my friends at Bon Echo was the perfect getaway for the long weekend. After a 7 hours long canoeing and then carrying the canoe to the next destination and repeat this four times or so using all our strength in finishing our course with a smile and a sight of relief and maybe even a dance if my whole upper body wasn’t sore!

But that was just half of our accomplishment, we still had to set up the tents, build the fire, cook dinner… but something wasn’t right when we walked backed to the car which had all our belongings. It was locked with the keys inside!!! hahhah so we laughed about it for awhile because crying wasn’t the mature thing to do right?!

After couple of hours passed by we had a broken car window, found our campsite, build our tents in the dark, the fire was slowly coming along. I didn’t realized how the weather can change so drastically, an amazing beautiful hot spring evening can change into a freezing night & having your body sore and tired didn’t help at all. The night was long and hard, I just wanted to see the daylight to know I’ve survived my first portage experience

Lets just say it didn’t go exactly the way we planned out, driving back, we were little bit quieter, extremely tired and all I could think of was soaking my aching body in a hot tub πŸ™‚ Being back home and after couple of days I can feel my arms, fingers, shoulders again … ahhh an amazing feeling

Portaging is fun, Camping is Amazing, & yes!! I would do it again no doubt about it! Crazy?? absolutely not πŸ™‚


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