21 Day Challenge !

I’ve caught the bug again!!!!!!!!!!!!

The running bug that is 🙂

I’ve always love to be outdoors and I am a pretty active individual but recently i’ve slipped into a mode of  making excuses of not keeping myself more discipline in the area of my workouts.  I am a person that love to try new challenges! that being said .. this summer (that is slowing coming to a close) I signed up for CrossFit – which was amazing and extremely changeling the way of their workouts.  But it wasn’t what i fully enjoyed as a workout regime.  Even though my body got into shape i wasn’t the hardcore weight lifter.  I love running and always have but for some odd reason i gave into my emotions in how i would feel that day, so sporadically I would go for a brisk walk maybe a quick run.  I knew i had to do something.  Last month I saw a picture of myself and i knew I had to get back in shape.  Soooo once again I was looking for some form of motivation / inspiration out “there” … wherever that was.. but didn’t find it! I looked inside me and knew I had to dig deep and find my drive – my passion that once made me to finish a half a marathon last year. WOOP! (by the Grace of God ) AND that’s when the 21 day Challenge Idea came about 🙂  I would post it on FB so all of my friends would know and it was almost an accountable thing .. it showed them what i was up too and i hope it might motivate them to keep fit and healthy but mostly it was for myself to be accountable to someone .. or in this case to some 100 friends LOL

So here I am almost finishing my 21 Day Challenge.. I have to say I LOVE IT!

So you ask what’s next? .. well my friends come back and check it out.. and i’ll keep you updated 🙂

2 thoughts on “21 Day Challenge !

  1. I think you look amazing! Did you get in this good shape in only 21days? I have to get in shape now! been sitting for too long.. loved to run before! but it stopped for some lazy reason.. lol.. but if this works, mabye I will give it a tryyy

  2. hey anenyg, thank you! this picture was taken last year when i did the 1/4 run 🙂 but the 21 day challenge is helping me to be consistent in being active. Do something you love.. walking,swimming,running, just keep moving! The 21 days help me to jump start and get me moving. Also being accountable to few people helps in many ways, tell a friend.. post it on fb… so that way they can check up on you but it will keep you motivated to take one day at a time. I find having reachable and realistic goals is the best way to go. Hey try the 21 day challenge … and let me know how it goes!!!

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